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As many of you know, I have spent the last 10 months teaching high school drama full-time here in Hong Kong. It's been an incredible experience. One with a lot of ups and downs...good students and not-so-good students...good rehearsals and bad rehearsals.

I was mainly hired by the school for my theatre background. The Hong Kong Drama Festival is a huge deal to many local schools here. They wanted that's what they got. As a school, we won 17 total awards, which is completely unheard of at my school. I developed a lot of great relationships with my students and fellow teachers. I also wanted to punch some students in the face...but I refrained because, let's face it...I can't go to jail.

Outside of work, I have done a ton of networking in the local theatre/music/and voicever scenes. I met a lot of great people and I did a lot of great work. I've played lead roles in two musicals, I have directed a benefit cabaret, I assistant directed another, I did voiceovers for V-Tech toys, and I was the lead singer for a very successful cover band called Jack Rabbit Slim.

Hong Kong has been great to me...which made this decision very difficult...

I will be leaving Hong Kong in September to start a new journey. A new career. I was recently hired by El-Live Productions, a production company that hires musicians to form bands that they send to perform in 5-Star hotels all over Asia and the Middle East. I'm not sure which city I will start in, but I am excited to see the world and get paid to do what I love most...singing.

While I am traveling the world with El-Live, I will be keeping this blog. My dad always tells me I need to keep a journal so I can remember all of the things I've seen and done while working abroad. A journal is too private, and I'm not a very private I want to share my experiences with all of you. I will do my best to update this weekly. Please, hold me accountable for this. If you are interested in reading it...make me write. Remind me.

For now, here's El-Live's website:

Check it out. Get an idea of what I'll be doing. Watch the videos. I'm really excited about this opportunity as it is totally different from any other job I've ever had.

I'll have more details on where and when I start my first contract in the next post.

Later, nerds!

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