"And what a revelation Ryan Dawley is.  Bat Boy is his first leading role, and he masters it.  He "plays" his body like a virtuoso violinist-his hands, face, and movement all working together to convey emotion.  He's not afraid to look or sound ridiculous, and achieves some of the play's funniest moments because of it.  We can only hope to see more of this young actor's work."  


-Su Harrington, Erie Times News for Bat Boy The Musical.


"In the title role for the second time is Ryan Dawley. He's simply splendid to watch and listen to, and his small, wiry frame, topped with a shaven head, is exceedingly fit for the contortions demanded by the part." 


-Floyd Lawrence, Erie Times News for Bat Boy The Musical

"In one of the most shining moments, Bat Boy begins talking to the delight of the audience.  Dawley immediately steals the show with his first monosyllabic utterance.  As well as being a fabulous singer, his emotional range pulls the audience in with his vulnerable tears and literally blood soaked rages"


-Kristen Rajczak, The Gannon Knight for Bat Boy The Musical.

"Ryan Dawley as Renfield was full of physical energy, creepiness and spot-on delivery."


-Chris Smith, Leaf Chronicle for Frank Wildhorn's Dracula 

"But this is Tommy's show, and Dawley (who also acts as the narrator) continues with clarity of purpose and a gift of personality that he has shown in past Empty Jug endeavors.  When he takes to the stage, he takes the stage...showing lyrical and physical grace through such dark material."


-Kevin Hart of the Meadville Tribune for The Who's Tommy






"The ensemble gets a full rich sound that provides the foundation for the nonstop singing, headed by the talented and energetic Ryan Dawley as Tommy, who's near perfect for the lead."


-Dave Zuchowski, Erie Times News for The Who's Tommy

“Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat,” featuring Ryan Dawley, and the “Magical Mr. Mistoffelees,” starring Ryan Hazelbaker (both returning RBT actors), used body gestures and facial expressions that captivated the youngest of theatergoers."


-Karen Rallo, South Bend Tribune for Cats




"Ryan Dawley, as Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat, was probably the most nimble of the Jellicles."


-Floyd Lawrence, Erie Times News for Cats