Ryan Dawley


Height: 5'6”

Weight: 125 Lbs.

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Vocal Range: Tenor: C3 - Bb5 With High Falsetto
Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Willing to travel

Regional/Professional Theatre

Assassins                     John Wilkes Booth  Hong Kong Singers


I Love You, You're Perfect...     Man 1                    Hong Kong Singers

Dracula                          Renfield                 Roxy Regional Theatre

Smokey Joe's Cafe        Victor                     Renaissance Center

High School Musical      Troy Bolton            Empty Jug Productions

Singin In The Rain         Cosmo Brown        Empty Jug Productions

The Who's Tommy         Tommy                   Empty Jug Productions


Beauty and the Beast     LeFou                    Empty Jug Productions


Cats                                Skimbleshanks***  Round Barn Theatre

Professional Theatre for Young Audiences

Little Dung Beatle               Dibby Dung Beatle    LATT Children's Theatre (Korea)


Little Dragon's Adventure   Little Dragon              LATT Children's Theatre (Korea)


Twelve Singing Animals      Rooster                     LATT Children's Theatre (Korea)

Slim Goodbody Live!           Slim Goodbody         Slim Goodbody Inc.  (Tour) 

Jack & the Beanstalk           Jack                          English Village (Korea)

Robin Hood                          Robin Hood              English Village (Korea)


Schoolhouse Rock Live!      Ensemble/Soloist      Renaissance Center


I Love Gas                            Ricky/Swing             EJP/Columbia Gas of PA 

Bat Boy the Musical                 Bat Boy**                     Roadhouse Theatre


Cats                                         Skimbleshanks***        Erie Playhouse


Seussical the Musical              Cat in the Hat              OLP Playhouse


Seussical the Musical              Horton                         Camarata Music Co. (Korea)


Urinetown                                 Bobby Strong              MCT


Grease                                     Doody                          Academy Theatre


The Rocky Horror Show          Brad Majors**               Roadhouse Theatre 


The Rocky Horror Show          Rocky                           Roadhouse Theatre


South Pacific                           Ensemble                      Erie Playhouse 

Educational & Other Theatre Productions
Training & Workshops

Gannon University, BA Theatre/Communication Arts Class of 2007

Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society-Kappa Beta Cast


Voice:         Michael Hadary

Acting:       Shawn Clerkin, Paula Barrett

Coaching:  Michael Foreman, Sheri Sanders

Improv:       Paula Barrett, Seoul City Improv (Korea)




Falsetto, Physical Comedy, Improvisation, Valid PA Driver's License, Valid Passport, Walking on Hands, Rapping, Basic Korean, Dripping Noise With Mouth, Rubber Face, Athletic Skills, Impersonations, Great With Children, Ability To Grow An Afro, Stable Mental Health.





** = Played role twice

***= Played role three times