Ryan Dawley is a versatile pop/rock vocalist from Erie, PA in the USA. His range and versatility allow him to sing anything from Marvin Gaye to AC/DC.
With a strong background in Musical Theatre and Drama, Ryan has the ability to command any stage he is put on. Whether he is performing in a production of CATS or fronting a band in a 5 star hotel in Asia, he will captivate audiences of all ages and intoxication levels. 
Ryan also has years of experience teaching Drama and Musical Theatre to ESL students in Hong Kong and South Korea. 
If you're looking for someone to entertain drunk adults by singing Guns N' Roses, dance around in cat makeup and a unitard, teach your kids to speak English and be an actor...or all three at the same time, click the Contact tab above, or email ryandawley1@gmail.com

Ryan is the Founder and CEO of Coverseas Productions, a new artist management company based out of Brussels, Belgium. For information, click the logo below!